By A. Devararaja Mudaliar

The recognition of this ebook is healthier illustrated by way of the truth that it has long past into 5 reprints because it was once first released within the 12 months 1968.

Devaraja Mudaliar, an in depth devotee of Sri Ramana Maharshi stored notes of the occasions and conversations that came about within the outdated corridor of Sri Bhagavan. This used to be within the 12 months 1945. The ebook covers a huge spectrum of the humour, compassion and notably the Maharshi's amazing non secular status

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The pandits raised the objection that a bharani was only composed in honour of great heroes capable of killing a thousand elephants, and that it was not in order to compose such a work in honour of an ascetic. Thereupon the author said, ‘Let us all go to my Guru and we shall have this matter settled there’. They went to the Guru and, after all had taken their seats, the author told his Guru the purpose of their coming there. The Guru sat silent and all the others also remained in mauna. The whole day passed, night came, and some more days and nights, and yet all sat there silently, no thought at all occurring to any of them and nobody thinking or asking why they had come there.

Dr. ’ as if it is a mantra. , to keep away other thoughts. , when other thoughts begin to occupy his mind, he reminds himself ‘I have left off the mantra’ and begins repeating it. ” Swami Ramdas often preaches the importance of Nama smarana, the Name he uses being Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram. In the latest issue of Vision Swami Ramdas has written about ‘That thou art’, and Bhagavan referred me to it. 7-1 2-45 7-12-45 The September 1937 number of Vision contains an article on the Philosophy of the Divine Name according to Nam Dev.

To see an object that is in the dark, both the eye and the light of a lamp are required. To see the light only, the eye is enough. But to see the sun, there is no need of any other light. 44 Even if you take the lamp with you, its light will be drowned in the light of the sun. Our intellect or buddhi is of no use to realise the Self. To see the world or external objects, the mind and the reflected light (or chidabhasa) which always arises with it are necessary. To see the Self, the mind has simply to be turned inside and there is no need of the reflected light.

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Day by Day With Bhagavan by A. Devararaja Mudaliar
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