By Lisa Scottoline

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She stopped at the sight of the photo. Maybe if they’d spent more weekends together. That was what he’d said anyway, but she’d had a business to run. Just then came a timid knock on the door, and Bennie didn’t have to guess who it was. The secretary was out, Carrier knocked like a freight train, and Murphy never knocked at all. Bennie shoved the photo in the drawer and closed it quickly, so as not to reveal that she had Normal Human Emotions and/or Chinks in the Armor. ” No laughter came from outside the door.

Bennie raised a palm. “Slow down, wait a minute. What do 30 L I S A S C O T T O L I N E you mean by ‘interned’? Interned means confined during war. ” “Yes, exactly. Well, you know that Japanese people living in this country were interned during World War II, even if they were citizens. ” Bennie remembered the historic Korematsu case, which held that it was constitutional to seize the property of American citizens who had the misfortune of being Japanese during wartime. The stirring dissent by Justice Brennan was renowned by fans of civil liberties.

She walked on, and brightly lit signs with red lettering— PEKING DUCK, DIM SUM, SHANGHAI GARDEN—surrounded her, and she remembered she had only cereal to eat for dinner at home. Her dog could wait a little for his walk; she felt oddly that she needed to be around people. She ducked into one of the bigger restaurants, hoping to get a table quickly. The restaurant bustled with suburban families and couples, raising the noise level and steaming up the front window. It wouldn’t be the peaceful meal Bennie had pictured.

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