By Neil White

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Kill me in case you can - that was once Pepe Miranda's problem. assassin, two-bit hero of the road gangs, he was once holed up someplace within the 87th Precinct, making the police officers seem like fools and cheered on by way of each neighbourhood punk. It was once no longer a problem Lieutenant Pete Byrnes and the detectives within the squad room may depart by myself.

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I had to drive away from there. ‘Your father was right to be cynical,’ Hunter said. ’ ‘If it helps,’ I said, ‘those days are gone now. ’ Hunter replied. ’ He scoffed. ‘I’ll hold back the tears. ’ ‘Because he tried to get more by throwing it away in casinos,’ Hunter said. ‘His old school friends had gone to work in the City. This was the eighties, and they were making big money. Claude was stuck on the northern circuit, but he couldn’t say no to the high life when it was there to be had. Claude was richer than most of us, but he was the pauper in his crowd.

He passed over his card. ’ He felt her fingers brush his as she took the card from him and his cheeks flushed. She tapped it against her chin. ’ He collected his samples, his breathing heavier now, and then he rushed for the door. He needed to be outdoors, where the breeze would take her scent away. He climbed into his car, the samples thrown quickly into the boot, and took some deep breaths. Mike could sense her still watching him as he turned the key in the ignition. Chapter Six I followed Tony’s hint and headed for the allotments behind my old school, a collection of vegetable patches and ramshackle sheds that brought back memories of bent old men in flat caps.

And I’ve done everything,’ he replied, ‘and so it’s hard to get excited any more. ’ ‘Not looking forward to my retirement,’ he answered with a chuckle, and then he reached for the door handle. ‘If you need any help, Jack, call me. ’ I smiled. ‘Will do. ’ I looked down at the piece of paper with Bill Hunter’s details on, and then looked up to see Tony disappear into the Post building. I smiled to myself. Would the Claude Gilbert case stop me from ending up like Tony, churning out fillers for the local paper?

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