By Nisioisin, Andrew Cunningham

There’s a killer unfastened in l. a. and super-sleuth L is at the case. besides Naomi, a former FBI agent, he is helping the l. a. police resolve the grisly crimes. In common dying be aware style, issues get advanced. And there’s an enormous wonderful plot twist on the finish of the publication.

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No, no, why would he hide the message? He wants it to be found. It’s not a message if it isn’t found. He sent the crossword puzzle to the police... very egotistical. He wants the puzzles to be difficult... ” He wasn’t trying to outwit them. He was mocking them. “You are beneath me, You can never beat me,’—that’s what the messages are saying. Which means... he’s not trying to make everything go right and avoid getting caught, he’s after something more than his goals... or making fun of us is his primary goal?

Within moments he had consumed the entire jar. ” “Oh... ” That meal was like torture. She would turn it down if she were starving to death. Every fiber of her body rejected Ryuzaki. Completely. Misora had never had much confidence in her ability to fake a smile, but the one she was aiming at him now was extremely convincing, People can smile even when terrified. “Okay,” Ryuzaki said, licking jam off his fingers, giving no sign how he took her reaction. ” “Go? ” Misora asked, desperately trying to figure out a way to refuse on the off chance that he should attempt to shake her hand.

Allow me to explain. Last month, on the twenty-second of July, this crossword was sent to the LAPD by an unknown sender. Apparently, nobody could solve it, but if you were to solve this puzzle, it would give you the address of this house. Presumably it was a sort of warning from the killer to the police and to society in general. ” “I see. ” Despite what L had said, part of her had still been dismissing the thing as just a crossword puzzle, but now that she could read the clues for herself, it did look extremely hard.

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