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Third, spices forever changed the eating habits of people who discovered new culinary experiences as a result of the trade, which in turn changed the way they prepared, ate and appreciated food. Spices and their travels across the world have created new legends as well as enhancing the many tales and misconceptions that had preceded them. Spices stimulated new knowledge about the world, a knowledge that resulted in great advances in mapmaking, science, seamanship and basic cross-cultural awareness.

Spices were an integral part of the growth of the European economy. Values were relative. A pound of nutmeg, in the Germany of 1393, was worth seven oxen. In the eleventh century ships at Billingsgate paid part of their toll to King Ethelred in pepper. Peppercorns were accepted as a payment for rents and taxes and some European towns kept their accounts in pepper. In England some farm workers could pay their rent with one pound of pepper, about three weeks’ wages for that profession. Out of this grew the custom of handing over a single peppercorn as a token for a relationship of tenancy.

By the end of the first decade of the seventh century, Muhammad was preaching in Mecca, asking Arabs to throw away their old idols and demons and to follow one god, Allah. By the year 1000, Islam had spread north to southern Spain and east to the Malay Peninsula. In Europe, the continuous warring between different tribes and geographic areas in their quests for power was finally subsiding, leading to the establishment of more stable political regions. Near the beginning of the eleventh century, the Roman Catholic Church had grown in size and power and was asking rulers of these regions to band together to focus on recapturing the Holy Land, with its key city, Jerusalem, from Islam.

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