By Naoki Urasawa

R to L (Japanese Style)Failed rock musician Kenji's stories of his previous come dashing again while one in every of his youth associates mysteriously commits suicide. may possibly this new dying be regarding the increase of a strange new cult that is been implicated in numerous different murders and disappearances? decided to dig deeper, Kenji reunites with a few of his outdated acquaintances within the wish of studying the reality in the back of all of it. Humanity, having confronted extinction on the finish of the twentieth century, don't have entered the hot millennium if it were not for them. In 1969, in the course of their early life, they created an emblem. In 1997, because the coming catastrophe slowly begins to spread, that image returns. this can be the tale of a gang of boys who attempt to store the realm.

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This armour comes from patterns laid down from before the temple records and may be of even more ancient origin. It is not particularly effective, but does present an imposing sight on the battlefield. Each noble is also expected to sling a battleaxe of curious design from his belt. Most ignore it in battle, but a few have been known to draw it when in dire straits. Allegiances: The Priesthood, Stygian nobility, Unit Commanders. Identification: The Lotus and the Serpent of Set are the two most prominent symbols on Stygian emblems.

MC: 9 Equipment: The Turanian Horde carries Scimitar, lances, Hyrkanian bows, about 20 arrows. They wear turbans, sashes, loose-fitting trousers, gold spired helmets, white silk shirts, sleeveless mail and tiger-skin cloaks. Commanders carry flags and lanterns to signal the troops with. Armies of Vendhya Vendhya is an exotic land, but her people have kept abreast of the changes in the world. They carefully study the rapidly evolving art of war, making changes to their armies as need dictates. The presence of the kozaks on their border, and these hillmen’s constant exposure to outside mercenaries, forces them to maintain a high level of combat readiness.

A Shemite mercenary with over 100 deaths to his blade is given a gold hawk pommel. Allegiances: Koth, King Balardus, Unit Commander. The Spahis are unarmoured, relying on speed and wit to survive in battle rather than heavy armour. They are mostly used as scouts, but make occasional suicide charges to displace the enemy in preparation for an onslaught by the Royal Cavalry. Allegiances: Koth, King Balardus, Unit Commander, rebel baron. Identification: Livery embossed with the golden helmet of Koth.

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