By Carmen Meinert

Because within the present international environmental and weather situation East Asia will play an important function in negotiating options, it can be crucial to appreciate East Asian cultural adaptations in drawing close and fixing environmental demanding situations long ago, current, and destiny. The interdisciplinary quantity Nature, setting and tradition in East Asia. The problem of weather swap, edited by means of Carmen Meinert, explores how cultural styles and ideas have formed a particular figuring out of nature, how neighborhood and neighborhood cultures develop(ed) coping suggestions to conform to environmental and climatic adjustments some time past and within the current and the way quite a few associations and representatives may possibly introduce their rules and agendas in destiny environmental and weather rules on nationwide degrees and in overseas negotiating platforms.

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10 The other two examples that are to illustrate that “Heaven and Earth and the myriad things form one body”, the reaction to the child about to fall into a well and to the animal about to be slaughtered, are taken from the Book of Mengzi,11 which has exerted a strong influence on Wang Yangming. In the Mengzi, we also find the following passage: When a man has given full realisation to his heart, he will understand his own nature. A man who knows his own nature will know Heaven. By retain7 Tu, Wei-ming, “Beyond the Enlightenment Mentality,” in Confucianism and Ecology: The Interrelation of Heaven, Earth, and Humans, ed.

Paul Jackson explores Daoist foundations of religious concepts pertaining to the environment and nature throughout the history of ideas. Despite the Daoists’ conservationist attitude toward original nature in ritual practice concerning the afterlife, a celestial bureaucracy evolved that mirrored the profane Confucian one in all its facets— including, for example, even the bribing of celestial officials. And here again, the prioritisation of human society has had detrimental effects on any type of ‘ecological’ thought.

However, it would be unfair to put the main blame for the world’s ecological crisis on China. Historically, the industrialised West has had a much greater share in degrading the biosphere of the earth, and calculated on a per capita basis rather than in absolute numbers, it is still by far the main culprit. What is more, the West is China’s close collaborator in the destruction of the natural environment. Chinese goods cheaply produced by an industry that turns rivers and lakes into toxic dumpsites and poisons the atmosphere not only fill Western stores, China is apparently also used for green-washing tropical timber for the Western market, and its comparatively liberal and in practice often non-existent environmental standards invite Western investors to escape the ‘overregulation’ in their home countries.

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Nature, Environment and Culture in East Asia by Carmen Meinert
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