By C. Rajagopalachari

Initially released within the 12 months 1951,the ebook because of it is large recognition has been re-printed many,many times.The Ramayana isn't really heritage or biography. it's a a part of Hindu mythology. One can't comprehend Hindu dharma until one is aware Rama and Seeta, Bharata, Lakshmana, Ravana, Kumbhakarna and Hanuman. extra info: Mythology can't be disbursed with. Philosophy on my own or rituals by myself or mythology by myself can't be adequate. those are the 3 strands of all historic religions. the perspective in the direction of issues non secular which belongs to a specific humans can't be grasped or preserved or conveyed except we've a lot of these 3. To thousands of fellows, girls and kids in India, the Ramayana isn't really a trifling story. It has extra fact and which means than the occasions in a single s personal existence. simply as crops develop lower than the effect of sun, the folks of India develop in psychological power and tradition through soaking up the gleaming notion of the Ramayana. the recognition of the ebook is so nice that it has run into 42 impressions ever because it used to be initially released within the 12 months 1951

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They are that Bharata should be anointed Yuvaraja and that you should be sent away this very day to the Dandaka forest, to remain in exile for fourteen years. You have sworn solemnly to carry out his promise to me, and now it is your duty to prove true to your pledged word. If you find right conduct as hard as your father did, that is another matter. Otherwise, listen to what I say. " When she uttered these cruel words the King writhed in agony, but Rama heard her untroubled. Kaikeyi beheld a miracle.

The thing is in your hands. " Rama, saddened at the thought that he should in any way be the occasion of distress to his father, said to Kaikeyi: "Mother, am I indeed the cause of all this trouble? I do not deserve that you should have any doubts about me. If my father asks me to jump into the fire, I shall not hesitate to do it. If he asks me to drink poison, I shall drink it without hesitation. You know this. You know well enough that at his bidding I would drown myself in the sea. " When Rama uttered these words, Kaikeyi exulted, for she knew she had conquered.

I shall state my wishes. Your ancestors never broke their word. Prove yourself their worthy descendant by being true to the word you have given. With the preparations now afoot for the coronation, crown my son Bharata. This is my first wish. The second boon that I demand is, send your son Rama to live in the Dandaka forest for fourteen years. Remember your solemn vow that you cannot break. " 14. WIFE OR DEMON? Dasaratha was thunder-struck. When his mind resumed its function, he doubted the reality of what had happened.

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Ramayana by C. Rajagopalachari
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