By Liz Williams

John Constantine meets Chow Yun-Fat during this near-future occult mystery! Detective Inspector Chen is the Singapore 3 police department's snake agent - that's - the detective in command of supernatural and mystical investigations. Chen has a number of difficulties: as well as colleagues who do not belief him and his mystical methods, a shopper goddess whom he has indignant, and a demonic spouse who is bored with staying domestic by myself, he is been paired with considered one of Hell's personal vice officeers, Seneschal Zhu Irzh, to enquire the unlawful exchange in souls. Political pressures either Earthly and otherworldly search to dam their investigations at each flip. As a plot regarding either Singapore Three's commercial elite and Hell's personal Ministry of Epidemics is published, it turns into obvious that the stakes are greater than an individual had formerly suspected.

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Ma blanched visibly when he saw who had arrived. "Nothing's happened yet," Ma said defensively. Chen sighed. Ma was clad in a fawn jacket and huge boots: evidently his idea of civilian garb. Chen had never seen anyone who looked more like a policeman. "I hope someone's watching the back," Chen said, with a faint note of query. Ma nodded. "A patrolman. " "Frankly, I'll be surprised if we get a glimpse of anything," Chen told him. " "Places like funeral parlors and temples are nexus points—junctions between the worlds.

Sung's eyebrows rose slowly up his broad forehead. " "Well, he'll just have to get over it, won't he. He's a big lad, after all," said Sung, dismissing the matter. With a distinct sense of déjà vu, Chen went down to the ferry terminal and caught a boat across to the island. In the bright morning sunlight, the zone seemed especially dark: a little fragment of night scored across the glittering expanse of the harbor. He found Sergeant Ma sitting disconsolately in a teahouse across the street from the funeral parlor.

It'll be all right. " He spoke as swiftly and as reassuringly as he could. It was nearly one in the morning, he had a case starting that had all the hallmarks of the murder from Hell, and the last thing he wanted was to make Inari feel guilty over what she couldn't help. They were back to the same old problem again: the pivotal difficulty on which their marriage spun, and at this hour of the night Chen simply couldn't face it. He turned and looked at his wife. In the dim light of the houseboat, her pupils had expanded until they lay like great dark wells among the elegant planes of her face.

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